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Aerospace Components

ELE aerospace components
Faced with rising fuel costs and ageing fleets, aerospace companies look to ELE to help them improve engine performance and efficiency. Whether it be large runs or small bespoke batches, ELE has the flexibility to cater for a variety of shapes, volumes and complexity of aerospace components.

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Power Generation

ELE Industrial Gas Turbines
Reliability and performance are of paramount importance to the Industrial Gas Turbine sector, where components work at high temperatures and in extreme environments. Using the latest equipment in STEM drilling and 5-axis machining, we produce high-quality components to the most demanding specifications. Our turbine blades range from the industry’s largest to some of the smallest.
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Commercial Diesel

ELE Automative turbochargers
Automotive companies are under increasing pressure to drive efficiency, given rising fuel costs and the need to reduce emissions. ELE works with a number of global brands in the manufacture of automotive turbocharger components, and our flexible machining processes enables us to meet the demands of OEM’s looking for that extra edge in performance.

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Its arrived! Our new 5G Fast Hole Drilling machine. This is a great addition to the ELE machining capability and in… https://t.co/5YkrJepAzR 
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