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Powering growth through technology with MadeSmarter

At ELE Advanced Technologies, our commitment to innovation and excellence propels us to embrace cutting-edge solutions that redefine manufacturing. Recently, we undertook a transformative journey with Made Smarter, a journey that demonstrates our dedication to research and development, efficiency and growth.

From starting off by supplying compressor blades in the 1950s, ELE has evolved into a key player in power generation, aerospace, and automotive sectors. However, despite our market-leading expertise, we have experienced the challenge of predictability of machining operations, leading to occasional variations and performance issues.

Digitalisation became a priority, as previously most machines were not managed by a digital system. This lack of data meant that critical performance information was often only available at the end of a production cycle, hindering our ability to respond proactively to machine issues.

Enter Made Smarter: our partner in innovation.

Together, we implemented a bespoke machine condition monitoring solution. Sensors were strategically placed on six critical machines, capturing crucial signals like spindle load, coolant pressure, temperature, and motor load.

Real-time measurements on a user-friendly dashboard empower our operators to quickly identify deviations from optimal performance. This allows us to use data to look for anomalies to address issues before they escalate, minimising downtime, and ensuring that our manufacturing processes run smoothly.

The adoption of machine condition monitoring is beginning to yield significant benefits for ELE. We anticipate a 10% improvement in key machine uptime, a corresponding reduction in maintenance spend, and an overall enhancement in accuracy and reliability.

This innovative approach not only increases productivity and customer satisfaction but also positively impacts the safety of our manufacturing processes and contributes to reduced energy consumption.

ELE Advanced Technologies is embracing the future of manufacturing, leveraging technology to overcome challenges, drive growth, and remain at the forefront of our industry.

Read about our partnership with Made Smarter in greater detail on their website, here: https://www.madesmarter.uk/media/hvqpspld/ele_case_study_-_final.pdf

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