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Industry Sectors

Innovations in Aerospace

We are a leading producer of high integrity, critical components for the global aerospace market, using highly specialised manufacturing processes.

Focused on developing solutions that maximise engine performance and efficiency, we deliver a range of high integrity ‘hot-end’ components to major OEMs. 

Applying market-leading technologies and expertise enables us to develop innovative solutions for engineering challenges, including the design and manufacture of advanced cooling hole geometries.

From small bespoke batches to high volume production, our turbine blade, nozzle guide vanes and seal segment components are delivered to the highest specifications and tolerances.

The extensive range of capabilities offered by us enable lead times and manufacturing costs to be reduced and the highest performance requirements to be achieved. 

Industry Sectors

Industrial Gas

We specialise in the manufacture of high integrity, critical components working at high temperatures and in extreme environments, for the global industrial gas turbine market.

Turbine blades, nozzles and seal segments are produced in large volumes or bespoke batches for OEMs.

ELE delivers components to meet the most demanding requirements and specifications. Through innovation we have developed a market-leading approach to component cooling – offering unique design and manufacturing capabilities for advanced cooling hole geometries to enable solutions for challenging environments and high performance needs.

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Industry Sectors

Commercial Diesel

We also manufacture turbo-charger components for commercial diesel engines.

Specialising in working to bespoke specifications for low volume manufacture makes us the ideal supplier for aftermarket requirements.

The world’s leading turbocharger manufacturers rely on our rapid turnaround service for complex centre housing and turbine housing components for heavy goods and off-road vehicles.

Our extensive range of capabilities and market-leading expertise combine to deliver cost-effective, small batch manufacturing to support service requirements for vehicles approaching end of life, enabling them to continue to perform efficiently.