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Why use ELE – Advanced Technologies?

Flexible and Responsive

Our state of the art machinery and expertise allows us to produce components as small as 25mm in length, right up to 1 metre. We have the capability to manufacture high-volume work and ELE also has a strong reputation for lower volume, specialist components that deters other suppliers. Furthermore, we have a proven competitive record which results from cutting edge technology, supported by the best available skills both in the UK and in Slovakia.

Getting the best from technology

We’ve invested heavily in some of the most advanced technology currently available. But our investment goes beyond hardware and with a commitment to training and collaborative research we have a team capable of competing with the best in the world. We have created leaner processes and we continue to produce components to ever higher standards of quality and with ever shorter lead times. Our on-going investment in technology and people demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement.

Creative Thinking

Everyone in ELE is engaged in the creative process. We have adopted a structured approach to process development through multi-disciplinary teamwork across the organisation. This enables us all to look at process from a fresh perspective.We approach product development through a process of ‘concurrent engineering’, working in collaboration with our customers. We are always mindful that there might be a better way. We continually explore how a new process will improve manufacturing efficiency and help reduce the overall component cost.


The components we produce for gas turbines, aircraft engines or automotive turbochargers are of course performance-critical. ELE has the highest level of in-house inspection facilities and processes, developed through a collaboration between scientists, engineers and machinists.

We empower our people through the use of statistical techniques to ensure processes remain robust and under control. In this way, we guarantee consistent dimensional accuracy and competitive production costs.

Alongside our internationally recognised quality accreditations, ELE customer approvals include Alstom Ansaldo Energia, Avio, BAe, Borg Warner, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce and Siemens.


ELE is one of very few companies worldwide to produce a range of blades and vanes at a single site. This means one point of contact for you, and a more ‘joined-up’ process for producing your component. We see the process through from start to finish and in our experience that results in more satisfied clients!


We’re more interested in you than us! We ask a lot of questions, but that simply means we can give you more value for your investment. The earlier we can start some dialogue with your engineers the better – that way we can channel our knowledge and expertise to develop the ideal process to produce your component, at the lowest possible cost.
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