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ELE Viper Grinding

VIPER grinding (5 axis machining) is transforming the way engineers design for manufacture.

The viper system is based around the ability to change the grinding tooling in process allowing multiple features to be produced within one machine cycle – this leads to reduced setting and manufacturing time and ultimately lead time and cost!

Originally developed by Rolls Royce for safety-critical components in aero engines, VIPER is a 5-axis high speed grinding machine capable of machining some of the toughest materials, including nickel-based Super alloys. With extraordinary cutting rates (up to 5 times normal performance), this process is fully capable of delivering the accurate tolerances and material properties demanded by the exact design criteria.
ELE has the largest viper grinding machine currently in the market, one of only seven worldwide. This 5 axis machine enables ELE to extend its manufacturing capability and produce a wide range of parts more efficiently, speedily and economically.
Components made using this technology include;

  • Aero Blades, Vanes and Seal segments
  • IGT Blades, Vanes and Seal segments

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