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  • ELE precision grinding

Precision Grinding for Perfection

ELE offers a range of specialist production grinding processes , ideal for generating complex forms quickly and efficiently, such as the Fir Tree Root on turbine blades.

Creep Feed Grinding

Is a process where the depth of cut is increased while the feed rate is decreased unlike the normal grinding practices. It is used for large amounts of material removal in just a few passes thus causing less stress and fatigue.

Creep feed grinding is a highly accurate and efficient method of machining intricate forms in a wide variety of materials. Creep feed grinding has several advantages over other machining and grinding methods, including increased accuracy, efficiency, improved surface finishes, and the ability to grind heat treated materials.

ELE’s range of creep feed grinding machines includes both single wheel and twin wheel. All the machines have diamond dressers, which continuously dress the grinding wheels thus ensuring accurate generation of complex geometric form.

Reciprocal Grinding

ELE also has a range of Reciprocal Grinding machines where the rate of material removal is not so demanding. The Reciprocal Grinding machines all have diamond dressers to ensure accurate generation of complex geometric form.

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