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Laser Drilling Accuracy

ELE have two large capacity 5 axis machines capable of handling components up to 1metre in size.

The pulse lasers can produce thousands of holes in one component, with diameters as small as 0.3mm/0.012” in size through material up to 15 mm/19/32” thick to a tolerance of 0.01mm/0.001” using percussion and trepanning drilling techniques.

Simple shapes such as slots can also be created, often fabrications have wide manufacturing tolerances which can be a problem with a laser. At ELE we have overcome this by incorporating waterline control which means the machines can scan the surface of the part to adapt the program to suit the component giving the best result possible.

Components made using this technology include; Heat Shields, Combustion Liners and Transition Ducts for both Aero Engines and Industrial Gas Turbines.

Alternative technologies for drilling holes;

  • Stem drilling – for holes in material greater than 15mm/19/32” thick and up to 600mm/24” deep can also accommodate blind holes.
  • Capillary drilling – for precise holes smaller than 0.3mm/0.0012” in diameter.
  • Fast hole drilling – for holes greater than 0.3mm/0.012” diameter and up to 100mm/4” deep can also accommodate blind holes.

ELE is NADCAP approved for the Laser process.

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