EDM and Fast Hole Drilling Processes

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ELE Manufacturing processes

ELE has a range of manufacturing processes capable of delivering an engineering solution to many industrial sectors and include high speed milling and turning, honing, electrical discharge machining (EDM), fast hole drilling (FHD) and inconel machining.

With over 45 multi axis CNC milling and turning machining centres combined with the latest CAD/CAM systems, ELE has the capability to engineer intricate components of varying batch sizes.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

This EDM machining process enables ELE to produce slots, holes and desired complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult to produce with conventional cutting methods in extremely hard material to very close tolerances.

Fast Hole Drilling (FHD)

Is also an EDM process that is a cost effective method for producing small, tight tolerance holes in hard conductive materials.

FHD may be an alternative to the STEM drilling process, where depth to diameter ratio is not large.

ELE’s 5-axis machining allows for easy access as well as fast and accurate location of hole positions.

Fast hole drilling is particularly advantageous when drilling holes on curved or angled surfaces as the electrode does not need to exert any pressure on the surface. Hence, this process is ideal for machining holes on aerofoil surfaces.

ELE is NADCAP approved for the EDM process.

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