Wider Industrial Applications

  • oil rig operations
  • hip replacement joints
  • naval industries
  • dusan ring
  • coupling tooth
  • engineering chucks

Wider Industrial Applications

ELE applies its expertise and capabilities to a wide range of industrial sectors, all of which require complex and precisely engineered components.

These include:

• Process industrial
• Replacement arthroplasty (replacement joints)
• Precision workholding equipment (chucks)
• Mechanical seals (oil and gas)
• Components for the naval industries

These (and other) sectors look to ELE for an efficient and cost-effective solution to a complex problem – how to produce high quality components (from difficult-to-machine materials) that require tight tolerances.

ELE is able to service these needs because of its range of manufacturing processes, and its collaborative approach involving multi-disciplined teams. That’s why we’ve become the supplier of choice in such a broad spectrum of industrial applications.

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