Automotive Turbochargers

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Automotive Turbochargers

Automotive companies are under increasing pressure to drive efficiency, given rising fuel costs and the need to reduce emissions. ELE works with a number of global brands in the manufacture of components for automotive turbochargers, and our flexible machining processes enables us to meet the demands of OEM’s looking for that extra edge in performance.

With the benefit of its flexible manufacturing processes and systems, ELE supplies parts to the original equipment and after-markets, for both commercial and passenger cars.

While the original equipment sector typically requires long, predictable production runs of components, the after-sales market creates demand for small batches and with short response times.

It is our flexibility in servicing the differing demands of each sector which makes ELE Advanced Technologies the first choice for many globally recognised marques.

ELE Technical Capabilities

ELE’s capability extends to a wide range of parts, including:
• Turbine housings
• Centre housings (also known as ‘bearing housings’)
• Integrated manifolds

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