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Faced with rising fuel costs and ageing fleets, aerospace companies look to ELE to help them improve engine performance and efficiency. Whether it be large runs or small bespoke batches, ELE has the flexibility to cater for a variety of shapes, volumes and complexity.

Our inspection procedures and niche manufacturing processes (the result of extensive R&D in collaboration with the University of Manchester) allows us to produce components with the precision demanded by the civil and military aero-engine markets.

ELE Aerospace products

Typically, within an aero engine, ELE produces:
• Compressor blades
• Exhaust Liners and Heat Shields
Turbine Blades
Nozzle Guide Vanes

ELE also manufactures Inflation Adaptor Equipment, a proprietary product for use on aircraft strut and OLEO leg servicing, for either fixed or rotary wing aircraft. The majority of our inflation adaptors are NATO stock referenced.

ELE’s Capillary Drilling capability, a complex, technically demanding electrolytic machining process used in the manufacture of turbine blades, is particularly important to this sector.

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