ELE performance-critical components

ELE combines advanced, cutting edge, technologies with a highly skilled workforce to produce high integrity complex components in both large scale and small batch production.

Utilising some the most modern technologies available coupled with our extensive expertise in manipulating high heat resisting alloys, allows us to offer elegant solutions to complex engineering needs.

Our goal is to be agile and responsive, whenever complex engineering challenges demand innovative solutions.

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Turbine & Centre Housings

ELE Turbine Housings and Centre Housings gallery

Aero Engine products

ELE - AERO Engine product gallery

Gas Turbine Components

ELE - Industrial Gas Turbine components gallery

ELE core technologies

Viper 5 axis grinding | 5 axis machiningGrinding | S.T.E.M. | Capillary drilling | Laser drilling | Fast Hole Drilling (FHD) | Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) | Inconel Machining

ELE core products

Aerospace – Turbine Blades, Nozzle Guide Vanes, Compressor Blades, Exhaust Liners and Heat Shields

Industrial Gas Turbines – Turbine blades, Nozzle Guide Vanes

Automotive Turbochargers – Turbine housings, Centre housings, Bearing housings, Integrated manifolds


ELE – ‘Making Things Possible’

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