STEM – small holes, big challenge

ELE STEM drilling

STEM – small holes, big challenge


STEM is an acid electrolytic drilling technique for making long deep precision holes in hard, corrosion resistant metals.

This process can offer shaped (i.e. not just round), simultaneous multi-hole drilling, completely stress free and suitable for the hardest materials.

Electrolytic drilling means there’s no weakening or cracking of parent metal due to heat, making this process ideal for creating cooling holes in turbine components.


STEM technology enables ELE to produce a range of drilling profiles:

  • Radial holes
  • Trailing edge holes
  • Film cooling holes
  • Platform and tabulated holes.

Drilling is safe, deep and extremely precise, with depth to diameter ratios up to 300:1 and diameters as small as 0.5mm/.020 of an inch.

 STEM = Shaped Tube Electrolytic Machining

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