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Where Gas Turbines are born!

An inside look at GE’s big iron maternity ward for gas turbines Articles and pictures from GE REPORTS   There are places in the world that make us feel small…

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Efficient aviation-based turbines to start lighting Thailand

GE REPORTS article by  Mike Keller Thailand’s star has been on the rise for quite some time. Within the span of a single generation, social and economic progress has propelled it…

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Set Your Blades to Vibrate

By Adam Tucker GE Reports It takes a tiny electric motor to vibrate all 4.55 ounces of an iPhone 6. But the engineers who are vibrating 80-pound gas turbine compressor…

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Gas turbines keep California cool

From 2001 to 2005, California experienced severe power shortages that led to rolling blackouts. This was a result of unwise electric energy policy, Enron energy trading fraud, and decades-long onerous…

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rolls royce image

Rolls-Royce to sell its Energy Gas Turbine business to Siemens

Rolls-Royce has recently announced (6th May 2014) that it has signed an agreement to sell its Energy gas turbine and compressor business to Siemens for a £785 million cash consideration….

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GE assembly

GE Bids to Acquire Alstom’s Energy Units

GE announced today that it made a binding offer to acquire the thermal power, renewable energy and electricity grid businesses of the French engineering conglomerate Alstom for $13.5 billion in…

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This Jet Engine cannot fly, but it helps save lives

This family of jet engines cannot fly but they are no Dodos. They are helping power the world’s largest hospital in Houston, Texas This is an article that appears on…

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You’ll Never Guess What This Gas Engine Eats

This is an article that appears on the GE Reports web site . The daily, award-winning online magazine published by GE. A global fleet of omnivorous power plants powered by a breed of…

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Alstom GT13E2 turbines

Alstom GT13E2 gas turbines use ELE blades

ELE Advanced Technologies are manufacturing the blades  for the Alstom GT13E2 gas turbines. Full details of the Alstom project in the Urals are covered below in the Alstom press release….

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shale gas

A Global Perspective on Natural Gas

Is Natural Gas the solution? As combined cycle power plants climb new heights in efficiency and climate concerns demand a drastic cut in CO2 emissions, natural gas is destined to…

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LMS 100 Gas Turbine

Gas Turbines on a roll

This is an extract from a blog article posted on Turbo Machinery Magazine by Ivan Rice   Natural gas and oil production has gone way up the past few years…

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