Amazing new material could revolutionise jet travel

In the century following the Wright Brothers’ first flight in 1903, planes have gone through three materials revolutions: wood and fabric fuselages gave way to aluminum and, eventually, to light…

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ELE - new directors 2014

ELE wins funding to expand business

ELE Advanced Technologies, a precision engineering company based in Colne, is to expand its activities in the aerospace supply chain after it was confirmed that it will receive £1.2 million in…

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ELE - IGT Fast Hole Drilling

Fast Hole Drilling investment

ELE have recently installed a 5 axis Fast Hole Drilling (FHD) machine. In simple terms, it is an Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) that has a rotating head. “It really has…

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UK aerospace sector: The sky’s the limit?

The UK’s booming aerospace industry, which accounted for 55 per cent of civil aerospace sales in 2010, has been described by the government as a phenomenal success story and a…

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jet engine

The most disruptive idea of the past 85 Years

What is the most disruptive idea since the Wall Street Crash of 1929? Bloomberg Business week, which turned 85 this fall, picked one idea for every year it’s been publishing, and the jet…

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Barry Pratt - ELE

New Sales Director for ELE

The ELE  Group strategy is driven by our commitment to the continued investment in both equipment and people.  We are delighted therefore to announce a major change to our organisation…

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Sharing in Growth team at ELE

ELE benefits from SiG scheme

After successfully completing the diagnostic phase of the SiG programme, we were delighted to have received confirmation that ELE Advanced Technologies has become a beneficiary and will now receive a…

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New Tech Fuels Strong Orders at GE

GE Aviation has been flight testing jet engines in Victorville in the Mojave Desert for more than a decade. But never one like the LEAP, the world’s first jet engine with 3D-printed…

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GE news update

GE to sell its Appliances business

GE will sell its Appliances business to Sweden’s Electrolux in a strategic move that boosts the focus on the company’s core industrial units. The $3.3 billion, all-cash deal follows GE’s recent…

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Jet Engines endure agony before they Fly

Crews at GE Aviation’s jet engine boot camp in Peebles, Ohio, feed some 800 gallons of water every minute into the maw of a GEnx engine during a water ingestion test. The test…

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Honda Jet

HondaJet completes maiden flight

The first production HondaJet business jet took off from an airstrip at Honda Aircraft’s global headquarters in Greensboro, NC, last Friday. The flight was part of FAA certification and the…

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Alstom signs deal with GE

Alstom Accepts GE’s Updated Offer

Alstom’s board of directors accepted GE’s updated offer to acquire the power and grid businesses of the French industrial group for $13.5 billion (€12.35 billion) on Saturday. The deal includes three joint-ventures:…

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Siemens and Mitsubishi bid to acquire Alstom

Siemens of Germany and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan on Monday jointly offered to buy parts of France’s Alstom and start a long-term partnership, a move that could derail a competing bid by General…

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Power-Gen Europe

NAVIGATING THE POWER TRANSITION UPDATE – 13th June. These are the stats from the show last week. 11,038 Attendees from 100 Countries 435 Exhibitors 862 Delegates 191 Speakers 55 Sessions 479 Keynote Attendees 282 Plenary Attendees 89% Re-booking for the…

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ELE Advanced Technologies logo

ELE capitalises on its success with Sharing in Growth

Background information The UK aerospace sector is the largest in European and second largest in the world, after USA. Its world class capabilities in the manufacture of some of the…

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Gas turbines keep California cool

From 2001 to 2005, California experienced severe power shortages that led to rolling blackouts. This was a result of unwise electric energy policy, Enron energy trading fraud, and decades-long onerous…

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rolls royce image

Rolls-Royce to sell its Energy Gas Turbine business to Siemens

Rolls-Royce has recently announced (6th May 2014) that it has signed an agreement to sell its Energy gas turbine and compressor business to Siemens for a £785 million cash consideration….

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Turbines Tap Moon’s Gravity to Generate Electricity

GE Power Conversion is testing tidal turbine generators and other underwater technology in turbines standing on the sea floor near the Orkneys in Scotland and at Ramsey Sound in Wales….

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wind turbines

These Wind Turbines Will Blow You Away

When wind turbines harness breeze, they let out an uneven wake on the other side. This wake makes it hard for the turbines that stand behind them to perform at…

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GE assembly

GE Bids to Acquire Alstom’s Energy Units

GE announced today that it made a binding offer to acquire the thermal power, renewable energy and electricity grid businesses of the French engineering conglomerate Alstom for $13.5 billion in…

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