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Project Manager Vacancy

Project Manager vacancy at ELE Background ELE Advanced Technologies Ltd is a services business that provides a rare blend of novel manufacturing processes which are essential for safety critical components in…

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Laser drilling – what is it?

Although ELE has had laser drilling capability for many years, we are seeing a increased amount of  interest – so here is a short article on the subject, that you…

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STEM: Traditional Hi-Tech Drilling for Modern Industry

At ELE we know the importance of achieving complex engineering solutions, especially when it comes to manufacturing processes. Non- traditional methods of drilling and machining provide cost effective solution, high…

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Viper Grinding: The Future of Manufacturing

Introducing flexibility into the manufacturing process that helps improve performance and reduces costs is key to success nowadays. Searching out the best technology and combining this with highly skilled teams…

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viper grinding wheel

Creep Feed Grinding: Versatile Machining for Intricate Forms

ELE delivers high quality grinding processes that enable the manufacturing of complex machined parts for the aerospace sector and a range of other industries. Perfect precision in the production of…

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Farnborough AIRSHOW 2016

Some pictures from our visit to the Farnborough International Airshow this week.

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ELE - IGT Fast Hole Drilling

Benefits of Fast Hole Drilling

The Benefits of Fast Hole Drilling Engineering solutions that deliver drilling results at speed with a high degree of accuracy are important to a wide range of specialist industries nowadays….

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turbine blade machining

Teenagers fail to link technology and engineers

ELE provides Turbine Blade machining services to its customers and we are always looking on how we can attract the next generation of Engineers. This article appears on the Institute…

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GE and Alstom – a shared vision

GE acquired the power and grid business of the engineering company Alstom on Monday, creating a new global industrial powerhouse. The ink on the deal is still fresh, but it isn’t…

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Where Gas Turbines are born!

An inside look at GE’s big iron maternity ward for gas turbines Articles and pictures from GE REPORTS   There are places in the world that make us feel small…

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Efficient aviation-based turbines to start lighting Thailand

GE REPORTS article by  Mike Keller Thailand’s star has been on the rise for quite some time. Within the span of a single generation, social and economic progress has propelled it…

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A Close Look at Honda’s First Business Jet

GE Reports  By Tomas Kellner The HondaJet business jet is one of the newest planes at this year’s EAA AirVentures fly-in extravaganza at Oshkosh, Wis. It was developed by Honda…

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Ken Livesey - ELE

Community Sports award for Ken Livesey

The Mumtaz Ellahi Community Sports Award was recently presented to Ken Livesey of Islington Football Club. The award recognises the immense work of individuals or groups who volunteer their services…

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ELE and SNECMA teams

ELE at Paris Air Show

Here are some pictures from the ELE team at the Paris Air Show this week.

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Dreamliner Dazzles Paris

GE Reports By Tomas Kellner Millions of viewers have watched on YouTube the skills of Boeing test pilots Randy Neville and Van Chaney at the controls of Vietnam Airlines’ new…

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Set Your Blades to Vibrate

By Adam Tucker GE Reports It takes a tiny electric motor to vibrate all 4.55 ounces of an iPhone 6. But the engineers who are vibrating 80-pound gas turbine compressor…

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First Subsea Tidal Power Plant to Go Live in France

Most people might still consider the idea of using tides to generate electricity as outlandish as a trip to the moon. But starting this year, the concept is quickly becoming…

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High-Tech Gas Turbine will help save water in Texas

When summer heat settles in, just like it did repeatedly in Texas over the last several years, the combination of a high demand for electricity and dwindling water supply can…

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Trade press coverage for ELE

Following on from our big announcement – ELE wins funding to expand business We have been featured in these trade journals and websites: Aerospace Manufacturing – Engineering Capacity –…

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Onwards and Upwards

Aerospace Manufacturing magazine – exclusive feature article on ELE Check out this link to the digital copy of the February 2015 edition of Aerospace Manufacturing magazine, which includes ELE Advanced…

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