Inspection Processes

  • ELE inspection process
  • ELE x-ray facility
  • ELE inspection
  • ELE Still 0625
  • ELE CMM centre housing
  • ELE ultrasonics

ELE Inspection Process

At ELE we’ve invested in technology and training to ensure our components are of the highest quality, and produced in the most efficient manner possible. We empower our people to monitor the conformance of the products early in the process in order to prevent ‘tolerance drift’ beyond our own exacting control parameters, which in turn result in high quality consistent products to our customers.

Our process monitoring equipment includes:
• X-Ray
• Endoscope
• Magnetiscope
• Eddy Current
• Ultrasonics
• Water Flow Checks
• Airflow

Our ambition is, quite simply, to be the best – as measured by our customers, our workforce and our competitors. At ELE we work to the highest standards, because we know you expect that from us.

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