ELE is now a beneficiary of the Sharing in Growth (SiG) programme.


What is the Sharing in Growth (SiG) scheme? 

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In April 2014, ELE was selected for the Sharing in Growth (SiG) programme. Sharing in Growth UK Ltd was set up in 2012 specifically to deliver a £110M of intensive supplier development training over 4 years to 40 UK Aerospace suppliers. The selection process is rigorous and only the most robust and ambitious suppliers achieve a position on the programme.

It gets companies to ‘Fitness ready status’ through reviewing and developing their:

  • Process
  • Procedures
  • Competitive cost base
  • Strategy – medium and long term
  • Alignment of the business – using bottom up approach
  • New product introduction – reducing risk to customer and business
  • Leadership across the business
  • Business growth and the right measures to deliver it
  • Prioritisation of the business direction


WHY ELE Advanced Technologies has signed up?

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April 2014

The world our customers operate within grows more demanding and more complex.

ELE has a long history in supplying the aerospace sector and has experienced a significant growth in business supplying Europe’s leading aerospace organizations. We recognise the challenge to remain agile, flexible and invest in our ability to deliver competitive performance.

We anticipate that the SiG programme will provide the perfect solution to this challenge

Background information

The UK aerospace sector is the largest in European and second largest in the world, after USA. Its world class capabilities in the manufacture of some of the most sophisticated and high value parts of modern aircraft has created a high-tech and high-skill industry of 3,000 companies and 230,000 employees in the UK that creates massive UK economic benefits.



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