All about ELE Advanced Technologies

Precision Engineering, Creative Minds

ELE boasts some of the finest engineering machining processes available today, supplying customers across a wide range of industrial sectors. With a substantial pedigree in the Industrial Gas Turbine, Aerospace and Automotive industries, ELE provides a one-stop shop for many industrial applications. We specialise in flexible, niche processes which allow us to take on engineering challenges that very few others can manage. We’ve invested heavily in our technological capability, but it’s also our experience and creative approach that sets us apart from our competitors.

World-class components

ELE boasts a diverse manufacturing capability rarely found in a single company. Our extensive range of precision components includes turbine blades, nickel alloy combustion heat shields, nozzle guide vanes, centre housings, turbine housings and manifolds for vehicle turbochargers.

Our belief

We maintain that complex engineering challenges can be met by combining the right people with the right processes. We put the finest machinists and engineers to work on the best equipment available. But first we want to understand what our clients are trying to achieve. Working alongside our customers’ engineers we create the optimum process for producing the required component. That requires trust, and we’re extremely proud of the relationships we’ve formed with our partners over many years.

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